Shrimp Cocktail$12.95

Clams on Half Shell*1/2 Dozen $ 6.95/ Dozen $12.00

Oysters on Half Shell*              1/2 Dozen $ 9.95/ Dozen $17.00

Tuna Tataki*           $12.95

Baked Clams $9.95

Fried Calamari - Golden or Kung POW     $11.95

Mussels - Red or White$12.95

Little Necks in Garlic/ Jalapeno Broth      $12.95

Crab Cakes   $12.95


Buffalo Chicken Wings    $9.95


New England Clam Chowder    $6.95

Soup Du Jour  TBA

  * This menu consists of, or contains, meat, fish, shellfish, or fresh shell eggs that are raw or not cooked to proper temperature to destroy harmful bacteria and/or virus. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, fish, shellfish or fresh shell eggs may increase your risk of food-born illness especially if you have certain medical conditions